Monkey Spank Card Game!
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How to Play Monkey Spank - Monkey Spank Card Games


How to Play monkey Spank!

  • Each and every Monkey Spank playing card in the deck has one corresponding matching image or word

  • Be the first to find the match, call it out loud & play your card for the win! 

  • Keep playing till one player finishes playing all the cards in their hand.

  • If you can't find a match, keep looking... every card in the deck has a corresponding match. 

  • For example, in the photo the card in hand has a stripper and matches the playing card face up on the table. Call out "Tea Bag!" and play your card for the win. 

Several more games are included with the instructions.

A game of quick eye balls, kinky minds, & dirty mouths!

Do you Monkey Spank!?