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Monkey Spank

Monkey Spank - A fresh new way to spank!

Monkey Spank launches into the interwebs -

After a little over a year of blood sweat and tears we are quickly approaching our Kickstarter launch!  Monkey Spank the card game is now on it's third draft, each time we're making the graphics and game play even better. Cramming even more spank into each deck!  Feedback from our fans has been critical in the development of each new draft of the card game.  This "bloggin" post will be the first of many as we embark on this journey together.  

If you haven't seen the facebook video and pre-launch offer - check out the home page and get in on the best deal before anyone else has access to the game!  It's a special thank you for being supportive of this launch and letting your friends know about us.  Thank you!  There are also several funny video clips as well.  We like funny things.

Stay tuned for more spank.... 

Monkey Spank ... are you ready to play dirty?

Monkey Spank ... are you ready to play dirty?