Monkey Spank Card Game!
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Monkey Spank the card game, spank the monkey game


Our Story

We believe the world needs more people laughing out loud "balls" and "an*l beads" to their friends. Call us perverts if you want, but we're on a mission to create boat loads of naughty fun

Let's face it - humans (like you and I) think about naughty things and humor everyday. You were probably thinking about it a minute before you started reading this. So why not combine these things that people love doing i.e. awkwardly talking about body parts, playing games with their friends, and yelling profanities, all together??

Doesn't this sound like the trifecta of being adult-ish? 

We're pretty sure you will enjoy playing Monkey Spank as much as we enjoyed creating it.    

The not as saucy info - Monkey Spank, the card game was originally inspired on a winter trip to visit friends in California in early 2016.  While sitting around a small kitchen table sharing a pint and playing card games, the idea to make an adult game popped up. 

The idea was the easy part.  Finding someone who knew how to crack the math code on the number of cards and number of images per card was a tricky proposition.  We can be what they call in the math world, dumb.  Luckily with the help of some smarty pants who work at a "fancy international tech company", we solved the math puzzle over a lunch break. #NerdFans4Life

Then came the more fun part - the design.  With a concept in mind, we hit the internet to search out vector images, and stock photos to make a mock prototype of the game. With the help of Kevin Stivers (our maven graphic designer), the images were then transformed into what you see today. 

We then had to vet the best images and euphemisms for the game.  We think you will like what we came up with.  

From there, the journey's been a process of a series of crash courses on digital marketing and learning the Kickstarter launch process while binge watching YouTube videos till 3 am.  

It's been a ton of work over the past year but the result is one of the best party card games. -And we are super thrilled to get it to you! 

- Tobin + Monkey Spank Team -